Chuck Pisciotta - approx. 4 yrs old.

Chuck Pisciotta was blessed growing up in a small, safe, friendly suburb with a wonderful family. 


As a youngster, he sold Burpee seeds to neighbors – learned to play chess – enjoyed lessons for accordion, swimming, tennis and photography – was a Webelo, Cub, and Boy Scout – played PAL baseball – rode a 3-speed Raleigh bike everywhere – and played on the high school football and basketball teams, where he organized high-school teammates on weekends to simonize police and ambulance vehicles in his home town.

Chuck Pisciotta - approx. 8 years old
Chuck Pisciotta - approx. 10 years old

This was the first time he practiced the disciplines of planning, operating, and managing the risks of a business.

But, what he really loved was getting exposure for the business and promoting it – designing a brand and distributing flyers on car windshields to find prospects.  His first customers were the local ambulances and police vehicles.

Now, his PEAK PERFORMANCE revenue growth method – a licensed Best Practice for some of the most recognized companies on the planet – is changing opinions and behaviors so that customers buy sooner and more often.

Chuck Pisciotta - approx. 13 years old
Chuck Pisciotta - # 70 Linebacker, Fullback
Chuck Pisicotta - First Business Card
Chuck's First Brand
A Flip-Open Business Card
that Captured Attention
Simonizing Business - Age 15
Chuck Pisciotta - approx, 14 years old
Chuck Pisciotta - High School Almanac Photo
Chuck at age 13, reflective of his philosophy - that the only true failure is not trying.
High School Yearbook
Chuck Pisciotta and Celebrity Chef, Jean Pierre

Early in his corporate life, Chuck noticed how successful business people created social networks of tremendous value.


He observed that they had a different celebrity status in each of their circles of influence – at work, home, with friends, etc.


This spawned an experiment into relationship development and management approaches, which years later memorialized into a corporate training program, IT'S WHO YOU KNOW.


He tuned it over the years while golfing and entertaining customers with unique culinary experiences and celebrity chefs – as food seemed to be the most common denominator for creating and maintaining respectable, long-lasting relationships.

And, as a thoroughbred Italian, you can't blame him – as sharing a meal homogenizes all types of people.

Chuck Pisciotta - cappuccino lover !
Chuck - golf
Chuck Pisicotta in Pisciotta, Italy

With an early interest to become proficient in marketing, Chuck also knew that he never wanted to work outside in cold weather like his father, a bricklayer and stone mason.

Along the way, he earned precious relationships with his customers of AT&T, the world's largest telecommunications company – and his clients of KPMG, one of the world's largest private firms in152 countries with189,000 people.

From 1885, AT&T held a monopoly on phone service in the United States and Canada through a network of companies called the Bell System, nicknamed, Ma Bell.

bell system.jpeg
Chuck Pisciotta's Father at work
Chuck's Father, Bricklayer
Photo in Local Newspaper

However, the U.S. Justice Department changed that – and Chuck was chartered to rebrand the Bell System and launch into the new, global AT&T Corporation.

AT&T logo.png

This was his first masterpiece, creating an international corporate brand.

Chuck was initially trained in technology research at AT&T’s Bell Labs, when an idea came to fruition and the reward was a transfer into AT&T’s corporate management program – moving through sales, marketing, branding, advertising, and public relations.


Early on in sales, he was particularly known for getting one-on-one meetings with CEO's at target companies – perfecting top-down prospecting techniques – negotiating large-scale contracts.


In leadership and as a maestro of collaboration, mining "B" players onto "A" teams – he's done everything from “carry a bag” to heading up multi-billion dollar teams for direct and indirect sales channels, marketing, strategic alliances, global and national accounts, and business development.


Over the years, he noticed that the “revenue creation and production” life cycle had disconnected processes across “silo-ed” and “ego-ed” functional departments in the back and front offices.


​This was an opportunity to improve the "magnet” that all companies must have to continually attract new customers – changing their opinions and behaviors and earning trust so that a brand can be easily remembered to buy again and again.


As Chief Marketing Officer, he organized the revenue generating assets into a portfolio, and based on the principle that one can't manage what they don't measure, motivated the company to organize around a corporate revenue office, reporting directly to the CEO.


The portfolio balanced the company’s risk versus reward – by adjusting the percentage of each asset in the "revenue engine" portfolio – according to the company’s risk tolerance, forecasted revenue goals, and ROI.


The results were a unified and seamless experience for the customer.  Inside the company, there was also a greater appreciation and valuation for intangible assets associated with the “Marines” of the company on the front lines, those who cold call to hatch revenue – and those backstage as the creative geniuses in Branding, Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations developing the weapons to bring up strong visuals, memories and feelings in buyer's minds.

Ultimately, the enterprise experiment became the Revenue Growth Office and the Chief Revenue Officer was born – increasing the numbers and quality of customers, and solving the ROI mystery for marketing investments and revenue stream fluctuations.



Chuck Pisciotta is an American corporate marketing strategist and leader best known for rebranding the Bell System monopoly into a global, competitive AT&T – pioneer of Intravenous Marketing, and for contributing billions in new revenue to some of the world's greatest brands – Fortune 500 and global companies.


Between 2009 and 2020, Chuck and his PEAK PERFORMANCE team, a U.S. based advisory firm of leaders and experts in Branding, Marketing, Sales, Advertising and Public Relations – parachute into a distressed top line or communications crisis – with game changers to quickly improve a company’s reputation, relationships and revenue.


PEAK PERFORMANCE is also the method that ethically translates “what a company sells" into psychological innovation to capture mindshare – siphon of internet traffic – change opinions and behaviors – model the right mix of messaging, communications channels, and frequency – and systematically engage customers to buy sooner and more often.


BRANDING PANDAS is the method that etches in brands as distinctive as the black and white patches on a panda bear – recognizable across all cultures and climates worldwide.


IT”S WHO YOU KNOW is the method for finding, developing and maintaining long-lasting customer relationships.


Chuck’s proficiencies are:

  • Branding - Creating Brands Worth Remembering - For Companies, Products & Celebrities

  • Sales - Revenue Creation Problem Solving & Lowering Revenue Stream Volatility

  • Mindshare - How to Change Opinions & Behaviors When People Operate Outside of Consciousness

  • Marketing - Psychological Hooks to Increase Revenue and Predictability

  • Groupthink - Making Sure Buyers Don’t React to Competitors Headlines & Soundbites

  • Relationship Development & Management - Types of Interactions for 8 Personality Types

  • Crisis Mitigation & Management - So Unexpected Events Don’t Harm an Organization & Stakeholders

  • Gamification - How Interactive Games Accelerate Brand Acceptance & The Top Line

In 2021, Chuck retired and occasionally provides advice.

Chuck’s spare time is satisfied:

  • As a court-appointed Guardian ad Litem to determine what is best for children who have experienced abuse, abandonment and neglect.

  • As an accomplished photographer and winner of top awards from the United Nations and International Photographic Council.

  • With family, friends, viticulture, cooking, chess, hiking, traveling, reading and exercising.


Chuck Pisciotta and love of his life!
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