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From 1877, AT&T held a monopoly on phone service in the United States and Canada through a network of companies called the Bell System, nicknamed, Ma Bell. 

Then, in the late 20th century when other phone companies were approved in the U.S. – Chuck was charged to rebrand the Bell System into an organization that had to compete for the first time.

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Chuck's First Masterpiece

  • BRANDING PANDAS – instills memorability and positive feelings for a brand into buyer's subconscious.

  • IT'S WHO YOU KNOW – finds, nurtures, and maintains long-lasting customer and client relationships – and manages their expectations through a communications crisis.

Chuck’s Proficiencies are:


  • Maestro of collaboration, mining "B" players onto "A" teams – heading up multi-billion dollar units. ​


  • Spawns new revenue streams to improve predictability and lower volatility.



  • Creates psychological hooks to capture mindshare.


  • Designs distinctive images worth remembering.

Relationship Development & Management

  • Collects intelligence for each personality type.


Crisis Mitigation & Management

  • So unexpected events don't harm an organization and their stakeholders.​

Chuck's Time as of 2021:

  • Ingrains attitudes on boards for "new" revenue opportunities – whereas most boards consist of lawyers and accountants making decisions off financial reports to protect "existing" revenue streams.

  • Donates time as a court-appointed volunteer (certified as a Guardian ad Litem) to determine what is best for foster children who have experienced abuse, abandonment and neglect.

  • Produces fine art as an accomplished photographer and winner of top awards from the United Nations and International Photographic Council.

  • Loves God, family, friends, America, viticulture, cooking, chess, hiking, traveling, reading and exercising.

Chuck Pisciotta is an American corporate marketing strategist and leader best known for contributing billions in new revenue to some of the world's greatest brands – and for rebranding the Bell System monopoly into a global AT&T.

Between 2009 and 2019, Chuck and his U.S. based PEAK PERFORMANCE advisory firm parachuted in with game changers to quickly improve a company's revenue, relationships and reputation.

Chuck Methods are:

  • PEAK PERFORMANCE – translates “what a company sells" into psychological innovation that systematically engages customers to buy sooner and more often – siphons of internet traffic – changes opinions and behaviors – and models the right mix of messaging, communications channels, and frequency.

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Chuck Pisciotta

Changing Opinions & Behaviors

Continually Attracting New Customers

& Engaging Them to Buy Over and Over