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Chuck Pisciotta - approx. 8 years old
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Chuck Pisciotta was blessed growing up in a small, friendly suburb with a wonderful family. 


As a youngster, he:

  • Sold Burpee seeds to neighbors.

  • Learned to play chess.

  • Enjoyed lessons for accordion, swimming, tennis and photography.

  • Was a Webelo, Cub, and Boy Scout – played PAL baseball.

  • Rode a 3-speed Raleigh bike everywhere.

  • Played on the football and basketball teams, where he organized high-school teammates on weekends to simonize cars.

  • This was the first time he practiced the disciplines of planning, operating, and managing the risks of a business.

  • ​But, what he really loved was getting exposure for his business and promoting it – designing a brand and distributing flyers on car windshields to find prospects.

  • His first commercial customers were the local police and ambulance vehicles.

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Flip-open Business Card That Captured Attention
* Simonizing Business - Age 15 *

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Experimentation - CMO

Chuck started in technology research at AT&T’s Bell Labs, when his idea came to fruition and was rewarded with a transfer into AT&T’s corporate management program – going through sales, marketing, branding, and public relations.

Early on in sales, he was particularly known for being able to get to and schedule one-on-one meetings with CEOs – perfecting top-down prospecting techniques – negotiating and closing large-scale contracts.

Over the years, he noticed that the “revenue creation and production” life cycle had disconnected processes across “silo-ed” and “ego-ed” departments in the back and front offices.

So, he took on the challenge and as Chief Marketing Officer organized the revenue generating assets into a portfolio – based on the principle that one can't manage what they don't measure – which excited the company to organize around a corporate revenue office, reporting directly to the CEO.​


The portfolio balanced the company’s risk versus reward – by adjusting the percentage of each asset in the "revenue engine" portfolio – according to the company’s risk tolerance, forecasted revenue goals, and ROI.


Externally, the results were a unified and seamless experience for the customer.  

Inside the company, there was a greater appreciation and valuation for the intangible assets – the “Marines” of the company on the front lines who were "cold calling" to hatch revenue – and the creative geniuses in Branding, Marketing, and Public Relations that developed the weapons to bring up strong visuals and feelings in buyer's minds.

Ultimately, the enterprise experiment became the Revenue Growth Office and the Chief Revenue Officer was born – intravenously creating new demand, increasing the numbers and quality of customers, and solving the ROI mystery for marketing investments and revenue stream fluctuations.

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Experimentation - Relationships

Starting out in corporate life, Chuck noticed how successful business people manually created social networks of tremendous value.

He observed that they had a different celebrity status in each of their circles of influence – at work, home, country club, with friends, etc.

He came to realize the value of "breaking bread" and this was not a foreign concept to him for he was Italian and loved to eat and cook.  So, he tested a variety of relationship development and management techniques while golfing and organizing unique culinary experiences.

Over time, the processes were written down – the quality of leads, customers and revenue improved – and eventually, it was memorialized and licensed as a corporate training program, IT'S WHO YOU KNOW.

Chuck - golf
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Chuck Pisciotta

Changing Opinions & Behaviors

Continually Attracting New Customers

& Engaging Them to Buy Over and Over