Personal Note from Chuck Pisciotta

Dear Visitor,

My interest in volunteerism began when I was in college for an Urban Studies Degree, which focused on the challenges of the "challenged."  I selected children because I was not challenged growing up and felt that this path would fulfill my time on earth for the Lord - helping children.

As part of my curriculum, I tutored children in a depressed area and was taken back when I walked into their homes and understood their challenges. 

This affected me in such a way that after entering the workforce, I was glad to help my boss when he asked me to push a wheelchair on the weekend for a children's foundation, so that a child could have the experience of the circus. 

I was so touched talking to the child I was pushing that I decided to focus on non-profits for children as I developed my professional career.

Over the years, I served on about 30 non-profit boards for children and was drawn mostly to charities that had golf tournament fundraisers, as golf is a passion.  

I am honored to have received the:


As a marketing professional, my role on non-profit boards was predominantly head of fundraising programs to retain existing and find new donors. 

My top 3 experiences were:

  • I was a board member of HANDY, which currently serves 50,000 children in Ft. Lauderdale and stands for "Helping Abused, Neglected, Disadvantaged Youth."  At that time, I had the HANDY bus regularly bring kids out to learn how to play golf at Grande Oaks, the golf club where they filmed the movie, Caddyshack.  ​

  • I was a board member for LIFE Concepts, which stood for Living in a Family Environment.  In Orlando, we built and managed group homes.  The project that I enjoyed most was fundraising for a large craft center that was built so that each day buses could bring the physically challenged children in to learn and have fun.

  • I was a board member of the Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation in Clearwater, Florida, one of the designated international Points of Light.  Our charter was to instill self-esteem in young people who were victims of abuse, had experienced minor brushes with the law, or had suffered other hardships.  

Another aspect of my work was training Executive Directors of non-profit organizations at the national NSFRE events - on how to implement successful fundraising programs.  NSFRE was the National Society of Fundraising Executives, now the Association of Fundraising Professionals, AFP.

For a list of all the non-profit organizations that I have been involved with, please see my Linkedin.

Below are a select few images of some of my experiences. 


I hope you enjoy them as much as I did in relishing my time with each organization.

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