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Dear Visitor,

I was asked me to write this section to share my philanthropic goals and top 3 experiences, so here goes.

My interest in volunteerism began when I was in college for an Urban Studies Degree, which focused on the challenges of the "challenged."  I selected this path because I was not challenged growing up and felt that this path would fulfill my time on earth for the Lord - helping children.

It began to evolve when I was in college and as part of the curriculum, I had to tutor children in a very depressed area.  I was taken back when I walked into their homes and learned of their challenges. 


This affected me in such a way that after entering the workforce, I was glad to help my boss when he asked me to push a wheelchair on a Saturday for a children's foundation, so that a child could have the experience of the circus. 


I was so touched after doing that, I decided to focus on non-profits for children, as I developed my professional career.

I have been a volunteer on about 30 non-profit boards for children and was drawn mostly to charities that had golf tournament fundraisers, as golf is a passion.  I have also written checks for the organizations.

Over my professional career, I was honored to receive the:


    • KPMG is one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms in 147 countries with 219,000 employees

As a marketing professional and leader, my role on non-profit boards was predominately head of fundraising programs to retain existing and find new donors. 

Here are my top 3 experiences:

  • I was a board member for 5 years at HANDY, which currently serves 50,000 children in Ft. Lauderdale and stands for "Helping Abused, Neglected, Disadvantaged Youth."  At that time, I was a member of Grande Oaks Golf Club and had the bus for the HANDY organization regularly bring out kids to learn how to putt and swing a golf club. The kids ended up playing golf on the course and really loved coming to Grande Oaks because it is where they filmed the well-known movie, Caddyshack.  ​

  • I was a board member for LIFE Concepts, which stood for Living In a Family Environment.  In Orlando, we built and managed group homes.  The project that I enjoyed most was building a large craft center, so that each day buses could bring the physically challenged children in to learn and have fun.

  • I was a board member of the Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation in Clearwater, Florida, one of the designated international Points of Light.  The charter was to instill self-esteem in young people who are victims of abuse, have experienced minor brushes with the law, or have suffered other hardships.  From the outset and for 22 years, I built the organization with Chi Chi Rodriguez, during the time when he was an active golf pro on the PGA Tour - now in retirement.

Another aspect of my work was training Executive Directors of non-profits at national NSFRE events.  NSFRE was the National Society of Fund Raising Executives, now the Association of Fundraising Professionals, AFP.


There is a list of all the non-profit organizations that I was involved with on my Linkedin.


Below are a select few images of some of my experiences.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did relishing my time with each organization.

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