Florida is the "Sunshine State" and the #1 Real Estate Market in the U.S. for Foreign Real Estate Transactions 

June 2018, National Association of Realtors

In Florida, when searching online for a property FOR SALE, the most important thing for a buyer to remember is that the person you contact in the advertisement (property listing) is either a seller, or a Realtor® who ONLY represents the seller, known as the “seller’s agent."

The seller's agent wants to get the highest price for the seller, as their commission percentage rate is based on the final sales price.  So, the larger the sales price, the more money the seller's agent makes.

Some buyers are not aware of this and when they call about a property of interest, the buyer assumes that the Realtor® who answers is interested in helping them and is "their agent."

However, in this scenario, the buyer NEVER ends up paying the lowest price - because buyers are not aware of the games played to keep the price high.​

This is why all buyers in Florida should engage a Realtor® to serve as their "buyer's agent," which costs them NOTHING.  

The reason the buyer does not pay for their buyer's agent is that the seller must pay 100% of the commission at closing - and it does not matter whether the seller pays 100% of the commission to their seller's agent - or the commission is split between their seller's agent and a buyer's agent (commissions in Florida are paid "at closing" when the property is transferred into the buyer's name).

The benefits in having a buyer's agent are:

  • The buyer's agent knows how to challenge and overcome ploys of the seller agent.

  • The buyer's agent is nationally licensed to be unbiased.

  • The buyer's agent is the best person to independently research and analyze a property's history and value.

  • The buyer's agent is the best to develop a strategy that ensures that the buyer pays the lowest price, and realizes the best terms and conditions. 

FLORIDA is PARADISE would love to be your buyer's agent to execute your Florida search and we can do that while you are at home with a video call as we tour the property, or we can email a video of the tour to you.

Call Gina at FLORIDA is PARADISE, +1-800-239-0867 for further information or questions.

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